Get fit without fatigue with EMS training
You Could Still Get Fit Before the End of Summer
October 26, 2017
Gym franchising in South Africa is undergoing a paradigm shift
Gym Franchising in South Africa is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift
October 26, 2017

Try EMS Training to Get Fit Without the Fatigue

Get fit quicker and with less effort

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Try EMS Training to Get Fit Without the Fatigue

Poor dietary choices that provide bulk but often lack much nutritional value, sedentary occupations that keep us bound to a desk throughout the day, and evenings spent as a couch potato have all combined to take their toll on our health and fitness. In an effort to reverse the ravages of the 21st century lifestyle, many South Africans have taken to jogging in the suburban avenues and parks, while others choose to take their chances among the traffic, riding bicycles to their place of work, rather than driving. Still others elect, instead, to sign up at their local gym in the hope that this may be a safer and more convenient means for them to get fit again.

One of the challenges that such routines are faced with, however, is that the same busy lifestyle, makes finding the time needed for such practices to produce the desired results difficult, if not impossible, with the regularity that is essential for success. There can be few lists longer than that which carries the names of the men and women who have purchased gym memberships but have managed to attend only one or two sessions. In too many cases, it is not a lack of willingness that is responsible for this failure, but insufficient time for exercise, whilst also attempting to meet both work and family obligations.

In practice, if there were a way in which one could achieve those desired results in a fraction of the time, far more people would both adopt and stick with whatever steps were necessary in order to ensure that they get fit.

The other aspect of exercise that can be a deterrent is that many people simply find it too tiring. This, of course, is partly due to their lack of initial fitness, but also because conventional resistance training must be quite strenuous if it is to be effective. In recent years, a new form of training, once used mainly in applications such as physiotherapy for sports injuries, workouts for professional athletes and even to prevent muscle atrophy in astronauts, has now found its way into the public domain.

Known as EMS (Electro-Muscular Stimulation) it employs specialised equipment designed to deliver a pulsed electrical current to selected areas on the body. The purpose is to invoke the same muscular response experienced during resistance training, without the effort involved in overcoming the load. In practice, EMS may be used alone or in conjunction with weights, and is around 5 times as effective as resistance training alone.

Body20 can personalise an EMS training programme that, in just 20 minutes a week, could get you fit without the fatigue.