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January 10, 2018
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January 23, 2018

Time to Own 2018 – Get Strong & Fit with Body20

Muscle electrical stimulation for superior muscle growth

How many times have you begun the New Year by resolving to change your life in some positive way? You will probably have done so many times and only rarely, if at all, will you have managed to maintain your good intentions long enough to achieve your goals. Sadly, losing weight and following a healthier lifestyle tend to head the list of life-changing goals that are seldom realised.


However, this need no longer be the case. If you are among those South Africans whose goal it is to own 2018, there has never been a better time to get strong and fit. With a personalised Body20 fitness programme, you could have that new body far sooner than you think, and with much less effort than you might have feared.


For anyone who has taken out a gym contract only to find that, after a few sessions, the going was too tough, or the time required was simply more than they could afford, such possibilities are certainly attractive, but are also likely to be viewed with a degree of scepticism. After all, a programme that claims to offer all the benefits of a 6-hour conventional gym workout does seem likely to provoke this type of reaction. Nevertheless, those who wish to own the New Year and to get themselves strong and fit in 2018 will definitely have the best possible chance of doing so with a membership to a Body20 studio.


The explanation for the success of this remarkable fitness technology lies not in magic, as one might be inclined to suspect, but in applied physiology. Lifting weights or pushing against some form of resistance produces muscular contractions, and one push or pull results in one contraction, which is then sustained for the duration of the action. When inducing those muscular contractions with a pulsed electrical current, more than 150 times as many contractions occur in the same time, and need not even involve the use of weights. With Body20, you could realise your wish to own 2018, and get fit and strong in a fraction of the time of a conventional exercise programme, yet with less effort than you would ever have believed possible.


If you’re worried that you may be too old or too unfit to stay the course, don’t be! Each programme is tailored to the individual and supervised by an experienced trainer. Whether you are overweight, battling cellulite, need some physio following an injury, or want some serious muscle, this is your chance to own the year. Make 2018 the year you finally managed to get strong and fit with Body20.