Supplement advice is an important component of fitness training
Supplement Advice is an Important Component of Fitness Training
October 26, 2017
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October 26, 2017

Some Top Toning Exercises for Ladies

Toning exercises for woman specially designed for your body

Top Toning Exercises for Ladies

Some Top Toning Exercises for Ladies

We all like to look our best, and this is something for which the world’s fashion designers, cosmetics manufacturers, and retail chains will doubtless be forever grateful for. However, when stripped of our finery, many of us are likely to find that we are somewhat less impressed by the images glimpsed in the bathroom mirror. For some ladies, there may be a need for some serious weight loss, while others may find the need to just firm up a little.

In some cases, it may be just the arms, the legs, or the tummy that need a bit of firming, and for these areas, there are some specific toning exercises both for the ladies and for the men, as well as other routines to address all of the body’s main muscle groups. Below are just a couple of the top routines that are known to offer good results.

Bicep curls are standard practice at any gym, and they really can work magic on your upper arms. Just grab a pair of 4 to 5 kilogramme dumbbells, and with your arms at your side and palms forward, raise them to shoulder height without moving your upper arms. Three sets of about a dozen should be fine, but do take a 30-second rest between sets. By standing on a 30-50cm step, lifting one weight, and raising the corresponding foot simultaneously whilst squatting a little with the other leg, you can also work your entire lower body, Repeat the routine using the other weight and reversing the leg actions.

For shapely shoulders and a tight core, grab the dumbbells again and get into the plank position – on tip toes, keep the body at about a 30° angle to the floor and support it with your arms, whilst grasping the dumbbells with your palms facing one another. Now, bracing your abs and keeping your arm straight, lift one weight forward to shoulder height, and then return your arm to the supported position. Just work each side with three sets of a dozen reps, resting between as before. This is one of the best toning exercises for ladies.

Buttocks and thighs are common problem areas, but a variation on the bicep curl can shape glutes, hamstrings, and the back. Take the weights as before, but with palms facing your sides. Lean forward and extend one leg backwards until your body forms a T, while allowing your arms to hang down. Raise the weights to shoulder height and then back until parallel to your extended leg. Change legs and repeat.

Keep going and you will get results. However, you could save time and effort with a top EMS programme for toning at a Body20 studio.