Gain muscle fast with EMS training
EMS Training Offers Everyone a Chance to Gain Muscle Fast
October 26, 2017
Get fit without fatigue with EMS training
You Could Still Get Fit Before the End of Summer
October 26, 2017

Is There a Quick Means by Which to Gain Muscle?

Gain muscle quick with EMS training

Gain Muscle Quick

Is There a Quick Means by Which to Gain Muscle?

It is likely that many of the men who read this article, and perhaps some of the female readers too, will at some time have checked out their image in the mirror and thought to themselves, “I need to gain muscle”.  Although their reaction may have been instant, it is likely that they were not as quick to take the required action. In fact, their inaction is, to a large extent, quite understandable. Like most South Africans, their time is divided between earning a living and caring for their families, with little time left in the average day to spend three or four hours pumping iron at the local gym.

When you look at the body of a champion bodybuilder, it is immediately apparent that it was not achieved in a week or two, and neither was it acquired without a great deal of blood, sweat and tears. Even many single individuals with plenty of time on their hands may be inclined to hesitate before embarking on the kind of punishing routine required to develop one’s body to such an extreme degree. While admiration comes easily, imitation demands commitment.

Those determined to gain muscle fast will simply have to accept that the process will not be a quick one, and that many of those icons of the screen and the arena whom they admire so much have probably taken years to develop those enviable bodies. In practice, most men and women are more concerned with simple aesthetics than with taking first prize in a bodybuilding contest. Realistically, Mr or Ms Average would probably be delighted with just 3 to 5 kg of additional bulk, accompanied by a generally leaner and more toned appearance. However, even such modest goals are not going to be realised overnight.

That said, there are some ways in which one can speed up the bulking process. Firstly, it must be understood that muscular growth in adults is induced by damage to the fibres, which in turn, results in the formation of additional new tissue during the repair process. This means that heavy resistance exercises are necessary, and should be repeated to the point of failure, in order to maximise damage and thus gain muscle quickly. Each exercise should then be followed by sufficient recovery time, while focussing on a new area. It is also a good idea to vary the exercises used every few weeks, so that the muscles continue to be sufficiently stressed.

To ensure an adequate supply of the proteins and other nutrients that are essential for repair and growth, subjects need to boost their natural intake of nutrients with appropriately constituted supplements. Variations based on this combination of exercise and optimised nutrition can definitely help you achieve your goal faster, as long as you are prepared to persist with them.

For those whose enthusiasm for bodily perfection may have waned in the light of the above revelations, and for anyone hoping to gain muscle in double quick time, there is some good news. A technology known as EMS is causing shockwaves among fitness enthusiasts all over the world for its impressive and rapid results with bulking, toning, weight loss, cellulite reduction and injury rehabilitation. Furthermore, it’s available at Body20 studios in South Africa.