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November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017

How to Quickly and Easily Build Muscle That Lasts

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If you happen to be among those who appreciate the amount of effort that is required for someone to develop the body of a Mr Universe, it is almost certain that you are equally aware that it is neither a rapid process nor one that can be discontinued at some point, if that bodily perfection is to be maintained. There is little wonder then that so few people ever manage to achieve the perfect body, and that of those who do, so many will be unable to retain their Herculean form. It would seem that, by conventional means at least, it may not be possible to build muscle that lasts without superhuman effort.

In the case of erstwhile world champion bodybuilder, Hollywood actor, and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, developing that incredible physique is a project that began in earnest at the age of 15 and has continued throughout his lifetime. In 2011, he admitted that he still spent 30 minutes per day training with weights and, judging from his latest movie appearances, the seventy-year old icon has not yet given up those daily sessions.

The fitness scene, however, has undergone some changes in recent years. In particular, the development of cutting-edge technology has made it possible for almost anyone to build muscle that lasts. Furthermore, it can enable one to do so far more rapidly than with conventional resistance training, and with considerably less effort than would have been required by Arnie.

Weight training involves repeatedly lifting weights to the point of failure, at which point the muscular tissue becomes physically damaged. During the repair process, additional tissue is formed, thus adding bulk and strength to that which was damaged. To continue the process, either heavier weights or an increased number of reps will be required to reach the point of failure, and to initiate the repair process yet again This explains why it takes so long to build muscle that it lasts, rather than gradually becoming flabby.

Serious body builders will also be sure to supplement the effects of exercise with a diet designed to augment muscular development, whilst also promoting fat loss, in order to maintain that ripped appearance. This will mean plenty of lean red meat, egg whites, and whey protein, complemented by fish, chicken, beans, and other legumes, plus low GI carbs and water.

For those who may have no interest in becoming the next Mr Universe, but simply wish to build some lean muscle and try to make sure that it lasts, EMS training could offer the perfect solution. Dependent not on weights and resistance to stimulate the cycle of muscular damage and repair, electro-muscular stimulation applies pulsed electric currents via the skin to underlying biceps, pecs, lats, and other muscles requiring development to promote multiple involuntary contractions that initiate the same cycle.

More significant, though, is the fact that EMS creates more than 150 times more contractions than an equal period spent in conventional exercise. This is available from Body20 studios throughout South Africa in the form of a supervised programme tailored to the needs of each individual. There is currently no faster, simpler, or safer way either to build muscle or to make sure that it lasts.