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How Will You Get Toned in Time for Summer?
November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017

How Do You Plan to Get Yourself Fit This Spring?

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With the prospect of summer now drawing ever closer, many South Africans have been eyeing their mirrors and realising that their bodies may be in need of a little re-shaping. Fortunately, for those who are prepared to put in a little work, there’s still plenty of time to put things right, but what is likely to be the best way to get fit this spring? As is often the case, this will be a matter of different strokes for different folks.

For those who may be displaying the evidence of too many koeksisters or cream cakes, and too many hours spent in front of the TV, a crash diet may well be an obvious option. If you can make the transition from potatoes to lettuce, and boerewors to protein shakes, you may well shed enough kilos to squeeze yourself back into that eye-catching bikini or the slim-fit shirt that used to show off your pecs. Not only is this likely to be a slow process with less than startling results, but if you are not prepared to abandon your evenings as a couch potato, it’s unlikely to work at all.

Exercise is always an option. An early morning jog, or perhaps forsaking the family saloon for a bicycle when travelling to and from work might be a good way to start. However, although these may provide an effective means with which to improve your cardio-vascular function, such activities will have far less impact on any surplus flab you may have accumulated. To tone up, bulk up, or to get yourself fit this spring, a better bet is likely to be a gym subscription.

Given that you have a limited time before summer is once more upon us, you will need to set aside a couple of hours, three or four days a week to ensure results, and depending on your current shape, you may need to establish a tough routine and stick to it. If you combine it with a bit of jogging or cycling, and watch what you are eating, there’s a fair chance that you’ll see some improvement before it’s time to pack for your summer vacation.
Insufficient time to exercise regularly is the most common reason for failure, although, for some people, the physical challenges of staying the course can simply be too much. For them, and indeed for everyone whose goal is to get fit this spring, there is a great alternative. Achieving in weeks what takes months with conventional exercise, electro-muscular stimulation could help you attain your goals in just 20 minutes per week. Regardless of your age or current fitness level, Body20 studios can tailor a programme just for you.