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October 26, 2017
High performance training for all ages and fitness levels
High-Performance Training for all Ages and Fitness Levels
October 26, 2017

Gym Franchising in South Africa is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift

Gym franchising in South Africa is undergoing a paradigm shift

Gym Franchising

Gym Franchising in South Africa is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift

Whether you are keen to own a DVD rental store, a burger joint, a coffee bar, or even a gym, franchising offers a way to bypass the many challenges to be overcome when attempting to establish a business with little more than a good idea and a sizable chunk of your life’s savings. Alternatively, the option of becoming a franchisee offers a means with which to buy into an operation developed by someone who has already succeeded in overcoming those challenges, and has developed a business model that has proved itself to be both profitable and reproducible.

Think of a pre-prepared gourmet meal compiled from the perfect blend of ingredients, and accompanied by the tried-and-tested cooking instructions needed, to ensure that it will be cooked to perfection. The scenario you have just visualised closely parallels the main benefits when choosing an established and proven venture when considering a business of your own.

While that makes sense, some may wonder why one should opt for gym franchising, rather than fast foods, and which of the fitness opportunities available might be the best option. The answer to both parts of that question is one of supply and demand. Yes, South Africans consume massive quantities of burgers and fries, southern-fried chicken and Chinese takeaways every day of the year, so the demand is there. On the other hand, the high streets and shopping malls are brimming with fast-food outlets all competing for a slice of the same pie, and leaving little for the newcomer.

While the same argument of oversupply might be called upon to rule out the fitness industry, most centres would be unable to accommodate their membership, if it were not for the high drop-out rate. The tendency to quit in no way reflects a diminishing need, but merely highlights the difficulties of meeting the time requirements and physical demands of conventional exercise programmes.

By contrast, Body20 is revolutionising gym franchising in South Africa with an advanced fitness technology known as EMS, or electro-muscular stimulation. Rather than straining to lift weights or overcome the resistance presented by some other exercise apparatus, the muscles are stimulated electrically to produce visible results with the minimum of physical effort, and in a fraction of the time required with conventional exercise.

This is exactly what busy people who wish to lose weight, eliminate cellulite, develop a lean muscular body, or build muscle mass have been dreaming of. As a result, it forms the basis of a business that is expanding rapidly in overseas markets, as well as locally. For your chance at business success, talk to us about the many benefits of our gym franchising opportunities.