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August 16, 2018
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August 16, 2018

Get Fit Quickly (Traditional Exercise vs EMS)

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Want to Get Fit Quickly? EMS Beats Traditional Exercise Workouts!


In the age of instant communications, instant coffee, and two-minute noodles, it is not surprising that patience has become a rare virtue. The same need for haste that has prompted the development of convenience foods and speed dating also prompts many of those who may have been hoping to get fit quickly, to abandon their gym memberships because the hoped-for results are simply taking too long to materialise.


In practice, while it is certainly not an instantaneous solution, there is now a versatile fitness technology that is able to replace those love handles with some strong, lean muscle in a fraction of the time required when following a traditional exercise programme. Known as EMS or electro-muscular stimulation, if you are looking for a way to lose weight, get toned, reduce cellulite, or build some serious muscle, this system could help you attain any of these personal goals and become super fit in no time. In fact, you could start to see and feel the benefits of this technology in as little as 6 to 8 weeks of just one 20-minute session per week.


Each time you perform a conventional exercise, such as a bicep curl, the appropriate muscle contracts sufficiently to overcome the load. By repeating the task to the point of failure, the additional contractions result in micro-damage which slowly heals and prompts the formation of extra muscle. EMS uses the action of a pulsed electric charge to create up to 150 times more muscular contractions than would occur during the same period spent in traditional exercise. This, of course, explains why EMS offers the best option for anyone who is impatient to become fitter.


Furthermore, EMS really is an option that is suitable for anyone, regardless of his or her age or how fit he or she may be when starting a programme. The equipment can be adjusted by the trainer to provide a programme that is personalised for an individual’s age, fitness level, and specific goals. For results, EMS beats traditional exercise hands down.