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A Fitness Training Programme May Be Easier Than You Think

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A Fitness Training Programme May Be Easier Than You Think


One can’t help but wonder just how many people begin each day with a sigh, after having caught a glimpse of themselves in the mirror. It is a sad fact that we are fast becoming a nation of overweight individuals who would prefer to stretch out on a couch and watch “Days of our Lives” or “Isidingo” than even consider an evening of fitness training.


At the end of a day’s work made even longer by the 2-way commute in rush-hour traffic, we are more inclined to order a takeaway than to spend precious spare time on cooking a healthy meal. The result is that many more South Africans are now joining the ranks of the obese. Sadly, although it may seem that there is too little time to fit in an exercise programme, it is a belief that may very well be putting lives at risk.


On the bright side, there is evidence that at least some people have recognised the need to get fit. Some have taken up jogging before or after work, while others have elected to abandon the comfort of their family cars in exchange for the practical fitness training provided by cycling to and from their places of work. In addition, the nation’s gyms continue to attract their share of new members. However, due to the many other demands on their time, their attendance often tends to be more than a trifle sporadic.


For those who do manage to rack up three or four sessions of lifting weights, sit-ups, press-ups, and abdominal crunches each week, the potential gains can amount to a great deal more than just a slimmer waistline or some well-defined muscles. While not everyone may be destined for greatness as a champion bodybuilder, there is no doubt that fitness training leads to improved general health, a positive outlook, and a longer life expectancy.


The connection between the sedentary lifestyle and conditions such as cardiac disease, stroke, type II diabetes, and osteoarthritis has been well established, and there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that the lack of regular physical activity may also increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. By the same reasoning, it follows that exercise offers the means with which to minimising these risks.


The type of exercise will determine just how effective it is likely to be. The words that doctors tend to emphasise when recommending the need for some form of fitness training are “regular” and “vigorous”. So, while a stroll in the park may be good for the soul, one will need to step up the pace and do it more often if it is to benefit the body.


There is, however, an option that could deliver all of these benefits, yet occupy no more than 20 minutes of your valuable time each week, and the good news is that it doesn’t matter how old you are or how unfit you may have allowed yourself to become. Rather than relying solely on your own abilities to lift weights and perform exercises, the various muscles groups are stimulated electrically. Body20 studios offer personalised fitness training programmes that are easier and several times more effective than the same time spent on conventional resistance exercises.