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April 24, 2018
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April 24, 2018

Body20 – Only 20 Minutes a Day!

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A Body20 Workout Only Needs 20 Minutes a Day! 

When it comes to health and fitness, most of us start out with good intentions. We resolve to eat more healthy food, to jog or cycle to work rather than driving, and to sign up at that gym just around the corner from the office. Soon after we actually get started on converting these resolutions into actions, life and its many responsibilities that demand so much of our time tend to take over, and those good intentions have to be placed on the back burner. In fact, that’s no longer the case. A Body20 workout takes only 20 minutes a day and you should be able to see and feel its benefits within just a few weeks.

Well, it’s pretty likely that you have heard this kind of claim about all sorts of products and services in the past. Usually, you will have been disappointed to find that most of those claims were just advertising hype. In other cases, they are backed by scientific evidence and glowing testimonials from clients who have been thrilled by their experience.

In practice, both the effectiveness of a Body20 programme and the need for only 20 minutes per day to enjoy its benefits are well documented and based upon a technology that has been used consistently, and with dramatic results, by professional athletes and sports physicians since the ‘60s.

It’s not magic or even rocket science, but applied physiology that is responsible for the success of this type of workout. When you lift a weight or perform a press-up, each repetition requires a muscular contraction. When an electrical signal is delivered, not by a nerve, but by an electrode, a muscle will also contract. Obviously, multiple signals cause multiple contractions and additional exercise.

The reason a Body20 workout needs only 20 minutes a day is because it uses pulsed charges to stimulate selected muscle groups which causes around 150 times more contractions than a single biceps curl or bench press. Even just one weekly session should soon show results, so what are you waiting for?