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Ask Us About Proper Nutrition

At Body20 studios, we encourage our clients to ask us about proper nutrition. To understand the logic behind this invitation it is necessary to gain a more in-depth understanding of how the various exercises one may perform can, for instance, result in substantial muscle growth.

If you have attended a gym at some time in the past, it is likely that one of the trainers will have encouraged you to “go for the burn”. In fact, the trainer was urging you to continue with an exercise to the point where you begin to experience a burning sensation in the particular muscle group you were working on at the time. That sensation is a symptom of physical damage to the muscle tissue that your body will then need to repair. To do so, your body requires an adequate supply of protein, which is just one of several reasons why you may want to ask us about the proper form of nutrition to best support your planned exercise programme.

Body20 studios are stockists of the world-famous range of USN nutritional products, which includes the company’s 100% Premium Whey Protein. Easily digested, due to the inclusion of the enzyme tolerase L, it is a concentrated source of the various proteins required for muscle recovery, and to produce the additional muscle tissue that is the body’s natural response to help resist further damage, as well as the desired effect of your exercise. Incidentally, it comes in a variety of tasty flavours, which we will be happy to list if you should wish to ask us for more information about proper nutrition.

However, not everyone who attends one of our studios is necessarily hoping to develop a bodybuilder’s physique. For many of our members, the goal is simply to gain a more defined look in which their natural lean musculature will no longer be hidden by superfluous fat. Once again, we have an answer. In combination with a personalised EMS toning programme, we offer a number of USN products designed to further assist you to trim your body. The range includes Phedra-Cut Lipo XT, a unique, 2-stage product that first delivers the conjugated linoleic acid Clarinol, and later releases teacrine, caffeine, and green tea elements to extend its benefits.

One thing we often mention to those who ask us about proper nutrition during their training, is the importance of the warm up, not just from an exercise perspective, but also in terms of ensuring that they are nutritionally prepared. For this, we can offer the USN B4-Bomb and B4-Burn, fruit-flavoured, pre-workout products.