Gain muscle quick with EMS training
Is There a Quick Means by Which to Gain Muscle?
October 26, 2017
Get fit quicker and with less effort
Try EMS Training to Get Fit Without the Fatigue
October 26, 2017

You Could Still Get Fit Before the End of Summer

Get fit without fatigue with EMS training

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You Could Still Get Fit Before the End of Summer

It’s already the second week of February, so if you were hoping to lose a few kilos and get fit enough to survive a game or two of beach volleyball or to simply look good in bikini before summer ends, you are probably convinced that you have left it far too late. Certainly, if what you have in mind is one of these miracle diets and a crash course of exercise at the local gym, you are probably quite correct in your assumption. Furthermore, despite the many extravagant claims to the contrary, neither is there some miracle pill or dietary supplement with which you could hope to pull off this transformation. So, is it just a lost cause? Should you probably look at a more long-term approach and start planning for next summer? Not necessarily!

Firstly, there is little doubt that the most successful fitness regimens combine both exercise and heathy eating. While each of these is effective in achieving its individual goal, when combined, they are, quite simply, even more so. This means that any serious effort to get fit quickly should address both physique and physiology.

First, let’s take a look at the required physical component. If adopting the conventional approach, it’s just possible that two or three hours of punishing resistance training and cardio workouts a day for a couple of months may begin to show some slight signs that you could eventually recoup a more desirable silhouette and climb the stairs to your bedroom without getting breathless. Simply put, conventional fitness training is a slow process and even sticking to a low-carb, high-protein diet will do little to speed things up.

As suggested earlier, there is a viable alternative; one that, in the time remaining, can still get you fit enough to look good and enjoy a late summer holiday, without that punishing exercise routine. If this sounds like magic, in a sense, that is precisely what it is. Based on a phenomenon that became known as Galvanism, which was first discovered in the late 1700s, as if by magic, the leg muscle of a dead frog was made to contract in response to an electric current applied by a pair of electrodes. Mimicking the body’s own mechanism of muscular contraction, more recently, that same principle has been applied to simulate the effects of exercise, employing a technology termed electro-muscular stimulation (EMS).

Offered to the South African public through our expanding network of Body20 studios, a pulsed current is applied to the desired muscle group, causing multiple rapid contractions numbering up to 150 times more than those provided by conventional exercise. All Body20 programmes are personalised to the individual’s age, fitness level and desired goals, and in order to further boost their performance, our studios also offer high-quality supplements that are designed to increase strength and burn excess fat.

Whether your personal goal is to tone your body, to build some solid muscle, to lose weight or to smooth out some unsightly cellulite patches, a Body20 EMS programme offers what is currently the best chance for you to get fit again before the summer is over.