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You Could Improve Your Golf Swing with Body20’s EMS Training

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Anyone who has never experienced the game may well believe that the ability to launch a small ball down the fairway for seemingly vast distances with the aid of a club can be attributed to little more than the brute strength of the player. In practice, however, any golfer will confirm that it takes far more than strong muscles to do so with any degree of accuracy. If you are a golfer yourself, then it is likely that you spend many hours in the attempt to improve your golf swing with only minimal success, when in practice, a suitable programme of Body20’s EMS training could help you achieve a far greater improvement in a fraction of the time you might otherwise need to spend on a driving range.

Make no mistake; technique is at least as important as power, if not more so. It would therefore be wrong to claim that a course of electro-muscular stimulation can do anything to rectify poor technique, which is a task that will require some professional coaching. What it can do, however, is prepare your body in order to ensure both the necessary power and the other physical qualities that will be required to implement the correct technique once you have mastered it.

To improve your golf swing with Body20’s EMS training, your trainer will need to compile a programme that is designed to address certain areas, each one of which plays a crucial role in your overall performance. Yes, it will normally be necessary to increase the power you can apply to your drive, so a major part of your tailor-made programme will be devoted to strengthening each of the specific muscle groups involved in your drive.

As emphasised earlier, however, power alone won’t cut it, and as you have probably been told by a pro on more than one occasion, balance is also a crucial factor. Consequently, to improve your golf swing with Body20’s EMS training requires a programme that will also correct any muscular imbalance that might otherwise continue to impede your performance.

Together, these two major improvements offer benefits greater than the sum of their parts. With the improved power and balance, greater impact speed, more precisely executed movements, and better coordination are the automatic spin-offs that could mean that frustratingly elusive perfection is now finally within your reach.

If all that sounds like hard work and likely to require too much of your time, you are in for a pleasant surprise. When you choose to improve your golf swing with one of Body20’s personalised EMS training programmes, you can achieve in just 20 minutes what would have taken you a full four hours if you had opted for conventional resistance exercises. The best news of all, however, is certain to be that this clever technology has the capacity to add a good 30% to your previous best drive, and that’s got to be grounds for a dop or two at the nineteenth hole.

Incidentally, it’s not just for golfers. Electro-muscular stimulation has also been adapted for bulking, toning, weight loss, cellulite reduction, and rehabilitation following various injuries. Why not call in at your nearest Body20 studio to learn more about this awesome fitness technology?