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There Are Better Reasons to Get Fit Than Looking Good


To understand why it is important to get fit, one need only note how lifestyles have changed. Life in the 21st century has provided the benefits of a plethora of advanced technologies that have revolutionised the way people now work and play. However, without realising it, many of them are paying a price for such benefits that they failed to foresee or perhaps simply underestimated. We have surrounded ourselves with labour saving devices, feasted on ready cooked meals, and buried our noses in smartphones and tablets, or flat-screen TVs, while electronic gadgets tackle the jobs our grandparents happily dealt with by hand.


The price of the sedentary lifestyle is proving to be extortionate. Consequently, many are now faced with a choice – get fit or pay up. For those who choose to do nothing, the price they pay could be heart disease, a stroke, hypertension, type II diabetes, or even cancer. Despite all of the advances that should be making our lives easier, the incidence of stress, depression, and anxiety has increased, rather than decreased, and more people than ever before are now reliant upon medication to get through their days.


In practice, however, there can be few things that are more effective at managing stress and lifting one’s spirits than a spot of exercise. The simple act of physical exertion is nature’s panacea and a powerful incentive to get fit. Exercising promotes the release of chemicals known as endorphins which interact with receptors in the brain to create a sensation of pleasure and also to relieve pain. Apart from providing a much-needed lift, promoting quality sleep, increasing energy levels, and helping to boost one’s self esteem, statistics have shown that a regular workout can actually halve the risk of type II diabetes and colon cancer. It can also reduce the chances of suffering a heart attack or a stroke by more than a third.


The benefits of exercise are not just for the young. For the elderly who decide it is time to get fit, it is a decision that can help to make them steadier on their feet and less likely to fall, and reduce the risk of hip fractures by almost 70%, and of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by as much as 30%. Clearly the advantages of an exercise programme are not only numerous, but invaluable. So why isn’t everyone knocking on the doors of their nearest gyms?


The reasons vary, but in most cases, it is either because people believe that they don’t have sufficient time to attend a gym several times a week or that they have concerns that the workouts may prove to be just too tough for them. That said, for those who accept just how important it is to get fit, these are obstacles that can be avoided.


Even at a conventional gym, a personal trainer will create an exercise programme that matches the abilities of the trainee, although it is still likely to demand a lot of spare time. There is, however, an advanced fitness technology that overcomes both obstacles. Body20 studios offer a personalised exercise programme adaptable for people of all ages. Employing electro-muscular stimulation rather than resistance training, just twenty minutes a week, could soon get you fit again.