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March 12, 2018
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March 12, 2018

Technology in Fitness Training

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The Advantages of Applied Technology Over Conventional Fitness Training 

Whether they attempt to achieve their desire or not, most people would like a firm, good-looking body, as well as the improved strength and stamina that go with it. However, when faced with the demands of the conventional approach to developing one’s body, this tends to be an ambition that, for many of those people, will simply take its place among their other dreams. Their resistance often derives from the experience of others who regularly labour for hours at a gym, yet achieve no significant improvements. What these individuals have not understood is that by ignoring the advanced technology applied in modern fitness training in favour of conventional resistance exercise, they are actually putting themselves at a disadvantage.

There is no doubt that the combination of pumping iron and plenty of high-protein supplements works for some, but even so, it is a regimen that demands punishing daily workouts of many hours, first to develop the desired physique and then to maintain it. Although the precise figures vary between countries, it would appear that despite paying for their contract, almost half of those who join a gym attend less than four times during their first six months, with as much as 60% eventually dropping out altogether. They cite a variety of reasons for these lapses, but time constraints, tough routines, and slow results feature quite prominently. By contrast, in Body20 studios, where technology is applied in personalised fitness training programmes, membership is on the increase and enthusiasm is high.

There are a number of factors that serve to explain the attraction of this less-conventional form of exercise, but perhaps the most powerful of these is that participants tend to achieve visible results in far less time than those who choose to put their faith in the use of weights and the resistance provided by various machines. Given that the revolutionary new fitness training technology, known as electro-muscular stimulation, has the potential to provide, in just 20 minutes, a workout equivalent to five hours spent with dumbbells and other conventional apparatus, Body20 members can look forward to enjoying the results of their single weekly sessions within a month or two.

How is this possible? In simple terms, a pulsed electric current is applied to the selected muscle group, causing it to contract involuntarily, but resulting in more than 150 times more contractions than, for example, lifting a heavy weight. Applied technology at its best, this type of fitness training offers people of all ages and physical abilities, who wish to lose weight, tone up, or build muscle and strength, a massive advantage over fans of conventional exercise.