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November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017

Revolutionary Fitness Training Technology Making Its Mark in South Africa

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There will always be those for whom a couple of hours spent sweating and straining to lift heavy weights or in battling to overcome the resistance presented by the various machines around the circuit will never lose its appeal. However, one need only take a moment to tally up the number of lapsed memberships at the average gym to be aware that this is far from being the case for the majority of South Africans. Equally keen to lose weight, build muscle, or tone their bodies, most of those who dropped out should stick with some revolutionary new form of fitness training that requires a great deal less time and effort to produce the desired results.

In practice, one needs to accept that when signing up at a conventional gym, with its usual array of dumbbells and exercise equipment, it’s for the long haul and with little hope of seeing any significant improvement in the short term, unless prepared to put in three or four hours a day. Given the frenetic nature of life in the 21st century, which sees so many people forced to make long commutes, work long hours to protect their positions, and then return home to attend to meals, chores, and the other requirements of family life, there are few who could manage such devotion. Instead, what is needed is some revolutionary fitness training that can produce those desired improvements in just a fraction of the time.

In fact, such a system actually exists, but in order to understand how it works, it will be necessary to study the modus operandi of conventional exercise. While precise routines vary depending on the desired goal, all involve inducing muscle contractions in the attempt to overcome some form of sustained resistance. Each attempt results in one contraction and the exercises must be repeated to create a cumulative effect resulting in muscular damage. The body not only repairs the damaged muscle, but produces more as a means to prevent future damage.

By contrast, the revolutionary fitness training referred to above uses pulsed electrical charges in order to induce involuntary muscular contractions that have the same effect. Known as electro-muscular stimulation or EMS, the reason it is so more effective is that each pulsed charge produces multiple contractions, so that each EMS session results in more than 150 times more contractions than the same period of time spent in conventional exercise.

In practical terms, this equates to about a sevenfold reduction in the time needed to attain the same results. Clearly, that makes this revolutionary, hi-tech form of fitness training a no-brainer for those with limited spare time, those for whom resistance exercises may be impractical, or for those who are simply impatient to see some visible results in exchange for their membership subscription.

Throughout a session, an experienced trainer will monitor each activity closely, based upon a programme that has been tailored to match the age, current fitness level, and desired goals of the individual trainee. While those with the time are free to take on more sessions, as a rule of thumb, a single session of just 20 minutes per week with this revolutionary fitness training technology from Body20 should produce some satisfying results within a couple of months.