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Muscle Building and a Faster, Safer Way To Do It
November 22, 2017
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Could It Really be Possible to Get Fit Quickly?
November 22, 2017

Regain Your Fitness with just 20 Minutes of Training per Week

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It is little short of amazing how just a few short years of modern living can sap one’s fitness levels so dramatically. It may seem like only yesterday that, after a couple of afternoon training sessions, you could expend every drop of energy you possessed to survive eighty minutes of running and punishing tackles during the Saturday game, and still have plenty left for some post-match horseplay. Yet, today, you would rather wait five minutes for the lift than climb the three flights of stairs to your office. Where once you may have had a well-defined 6-pack, a beer boep is now bursting over the waistband of the jeans you only bought a few months ago.

If that sounds all too familiar, then you are probably well aware that you need to do something about it. More significantly, you may well have been told by your doctor that the more sedentary life and poor diet of recent years could soon have more serious consequences, unless you change your lifestyle. The answer, of course, would be to embark on some form of fitness training,

You could, for instance, join the many thousands of South Africans who have a gym subscription and who spend many hours, often daily, sweating on a treadmill or an exercise bike between gruelling sessions of resistance training with weights and all manner of special apparatus. Sad to say, gyms probably make far more money from the subscriptions that are barely used and allowed to lapse, than from the devotees, most of whom are already quite fit and simply enjoy a spot of physical exercise and perhaps the opportunity to socialise.

Maybe you have considered joining, but have not actually got around to signing up because you have fears that, given your current fitness level, the training might prove to be too much of a challenge. In practice, a personal trainer will generally recommend a programme suited to your current level. Maybe your concern is that you lack the time. At this point, it must be said that conventional exercise is anything but a quick fix, but more of a long haul, and one that many tend to abandon en route, when the desired results fail to materialise as quickly as they hoped.

So, does that mean there is no way to get fit again in less time and without all of the strenuous exercise? Luckily, it does not! All conventional exercise revolves around the use of muscle power to overcome some level of resistance, be it 5 or 50 kilograms, or more. This can serve to burn fat and improve muscle definition, to build muscle or to improve cardiovascular function, depending upon how it is applied.

These same effects, however, can be duplicated without the need for heavy loads, by promoting involuntary muscular contractions with the use of an electric current. EMS or electro-muscular stimulation offers a faster and more effective form of fitness training, simulating conventional exercise by means of pulsed electrical charges applied via the skin to targeted muscle groups.

Body20 studios compile personalised EMS programmes that allow each individual to achieve his or her goals in as little as 20 minutes per week, but without the physical demands of a conventional workout.