Lifestyle franchises offer fitness fans a life-changing business opportunity
Lifestyle Franchises could offer Fitness Fans a Life-Changing Business Opportunity
October 26, 2017
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October 26, 2017

Open Your Own Gym Franchise with Body20!

Gym franchise opportunities with Body 20

Open Your Own Gym Franchise with Body20

Live the Dream – Open Your Own Gym Franchise with Body20!

In recent years, formal employment opportunities have been growing increasingly scarce. This lull in the job market has forced many South Africans to explore possible alternatives. In some cases, this may have involved re-purposing the family car and renting it out, or perhaps putting the bakkie to more productive use by providing shop owners and residents with a cheap, outsourced delivery service.

In practice, this recent bout of austerity may have proved to be a blessing in disguise. It has actually been surprisingly effective in promoting a new spirit of entrepreneurism among locals, with the result that more and more are now looking for ways in which to secure their own financial independence. Many of the nation’s execs have even been resigning or accepting early retirement packages, in order to start their own businesses. For some, it could be a pub or restaurant that will fulfil their dreams, while others may favour a chance to consult independently in some specialised field, and bank all of the fees, rather than settling for a mere fraction as a salary.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, however, there is now a chance to open your own gym franchise with Body20. This is a move that could provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy your personal interest, and to generate a substantial personal income while you are doing so. Furthermore, quite apart from providing you with a rare opportunity to combine business with pleasure, the fact that the business is franchised, offers a number of additional, valuable advantages.

While you may possess all the knowledge in the world of fitness training, exercise equipment and human physiology, these alone will not help you to manage the day-to-day operation of a busy training centre, to staff it, or even to equip it, so as to attract a sufficient following to ensure that it will be a profitable venture. When investing in a franchise, however, the setup process is a shared one in which every aspect, from the equipment to the business model, has been thoroughly tested and proven to be effective, and will form part of your operator training.

Ideally, of course, having a unique selling point is a distinct advantage for any business, and this is another good reason to avoid the mainstream fitness market, which in addition to being far from unique is becoming a tad oversupplied. Should you choose to open your own gym franchise with Body20, however, you will be investing in the future of fitness training,

Consider, for a moment, the vast number of lapsed memberships typical of the average conventional gym. Limited spare time and painfully slow results are what drives most members away. Imagine, instead, a programme that provided the equivalent of four hours of conventional exercise in just 20 minutes. With an EMS programme, this is exactly what you will be offering your members.

Muscular contractions, induced by the EMS units, may be enhanced by resistance training for advanced clients, while personalised programmes cater for varying needs, including toning, bulking, weight loss, cellulite reduction, and rehabilitation following injuries. Your pre-packaged business includes web marketing and lead generation by the franchisor, plus unfailing support with everything you need to get started when you open your own gym franchise with Body20.