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Now is a Great Time to Own a Fitness Franchise

Own a fitness franchise with Body20

Own a Fitness Franchise

Now is a Great Time to Own a Fitness Franchise

The secret of business success lies in identifying what your clients most want, and finding some way to supply it to them. In addition, it is important to distinguish between the needs of a client, and his or her wants, since in most instances, human beings tend to be driven by their desires, rather than by the necessities.

If, for instance, you happened to own a fitness franchise, what is it that might serve to draw people from their homes and into your gym? In truth, many will have an urgent need to lose weight, in order to ensure their future health. However, although such considerations may be buried somewhere within their minds, these very real needs are not what will have motivated most of them to enquire about membership. Instead, it is more likely the desire to look good and to achieve that desire as quickly as possible.

Sadly, the conventional exercise programmes conducted at the average gym are anything but a quick fix, and so the quest for a healthy body is frequently abandoned, once the reality of long hours of hard work begins to become apparent. Sadly, it is often those whose needs are greatest that quit when their wants are not satisfied.

This may not sound like the sort of observation that is designed to encourage one to own a fitness franchise, but in fact, it serves to highlight the simple reality that not all gyms are the same. If you were to visit a few of the more established ones at random, it is likely you would see little to differentiate them beyond their colour schemes. Typically, one might expect rows of people peddling, towing and walking, but going nowhere in an effort to improve their cardio-vascular function, while others sweat and strain in the efforts to lift weights or to overcome the force applied by some exercise machine. Come back three, six or even twelve months later, and but for a few stalwarts, there will be few familiar faces. The explanation is simple; it may have been what they needed, but it was not what they wanted.

That said, for anyone seeking a business of their own, this is an excellent time to own a fitness franchise in South Africa, providing of course, that it is able to offer what the vast majority of members really want. In simple terms, they want visible results, within weeks rather than months, as few sessions as possible, and no backbreaking resistance training. As it happens, these are just some of the benefits offered when participating in an individually-tailored, Body20 fitness programme. Using electrical stimulation, rather than resistance training to produce identical muscular contractions, during a 20-minute session, muscles undergo 150 times more contractions than for the same period of conventional exercise. Now that’s exactly what your clients want, so it is never going to be a hard sell.

After assisting you to find suitable premises, we will offer you a choice of turnkey packages to suit the available space, backed by training, web-based advertising and ample qualified leads to get you operational and generating revenue ASAP, when you decide the time is right for you to own a truly exceptional fitness franchise.