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October 26, 2017
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Muscle Building Need No Longer Be Such a Long Haul

Muscle building need no longer be such a long haul

Muscle Building

Muscle Building Need No Longer Be Such a Long Haul

If you were ever a fan of the popular SABC3 series, MTN Gladiators, or you were among the many moviegoers who simply couldn’t wait for the release of the next Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster, you will be well aware of the time and effort that these performers must have devoted to developing their enviable physiques. Not everyone may wish to be a professional bodybuilder as Arnie once was before his movie career, but who would not like to possess the defined musculature of MTN’s Wildebeest or Fire, or the Terminator himself? On the other hand, how many of us could face the years of punishing exercise that were clearly required to develop those bodies, and the ongoing discipline needed to keep them in peak condition?

In fact, it might surprise you to learn that muscle building no longer has to be quite such an extreme challenge. In practice, you could be looking a lot more like your particular screen hero a whole lot sooner than you might have believed possible. Furthermore, that desirable new body could actually be yours without any of the blood, sweat and tears that might have held you back in the past. While this may sound like an extravagant claim, thousands of people around the world have already achieved success thanks to a revolutionary exercise technology known as EMS.

Electro-muscular stimulation, to give it its full name, is designed to mimic the effects of conventional resistance training, without any compulsion to lift heavy weights or to perform other strenuous exercises. So, what is the secret of this method that makes it so much more effective than the traditional forms of exercise used for muscle building?

While with conventional exercise, muscular contractions are produced voluntarily by attempting to overcome some source of resistance, EMS relies on involuntary contractions to achieve the same ends. In this case, electrical impulses are used to promote the contractions, while the technique delivers a pulsed current that serves to increase the frequency of contractions. Typically, during a 20-minute session, electro-muscular stimulation results in about 150 times more contractions than a conventional workout of the same duration. This, of course, explains why the results are so much quicker with EMS, and why a single weekly session of 20 minutes is all the time needed for most participants to start seeing results within just a few weeks.

Body20 is a franchise fitness operation with studios in most South African provinces. With the help of our well-trained staff, our cutting-edge EMS equipment, and a personalised programme tailored especially for you, your dreams of building muscles like a gladiator or pro bodybuilder could quickly become a reality.