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How to Exercise When It’s Cold

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Some Simple Tips on How to Exercise When It’s Cold


One of the biggest problems you may be faced with during the winter months is that it’s far too tempting to snuggle up by the fireside and enjoy a hearty meal than it is to brave the chill and pursue your usual fitness routine, assuming, of course, that you have one. In fact, by avoiding the seasonal lows, you could be missing out on a great opportunity. Research conducted in the Netherlands, suggests that once you have mastered the art of continuing to exercise in the cold, you can burn fat far more quickly than during warmer weather. Apparently, this is because the body’s efforts to keep warm involve burning the deposits of brown fat associated with maintaining the core temperature.


Whether due to brown fat or white, you can be certain that winter is a time when most of us will tend to pick up a few extra kilos that may prove much harder to shed when summer comes around. So, is there anything you could do to keep fit and avoid the winter flab? In fact, there is. Here are some tips that could make it a bit easier to work out on chilly winter days.


Firstly, you can get all the exercise you need at home. One of the most effective cardio options, for example, requires no more than a skipping rope. Even if you don’t have one, going through the motions will work just as well or you could settle for some jumping jacks instead. To build strength, you actually need no more than your own body weight. A succession of push-ups, sit-ups, planks, squats, and chair dips can add up to a great full-body workout. Incidentally, bicep curls and tricep extensions can be tackled with the aid of some soup cans or water bottles.


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