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How to Avoid Any Unwanted Weight Gain This Winter


When the wintry chill starts to bite, too many South Africans often tend to respond by retiring to the lounge, parking their butts on the sofa, in front of the TV, and grazing on a selection of their favourite snacks. It may feel good at the time, but when summer finally arrives and it’s time to don the speedos and bikinis, the consequences of their earlier indulgence will often be all too obvious. So, what should you be doing to avoid any unwanted weight gain this winter?


The most obvious steps are to cut down the snacking, or at least to try to choose your snacks more wisely, and to spend a bit less time on the sofa. Rather than living vicariously through Isidingo, Days of our Lives, and 7de Laan, don some tracksuit bottoms, a hoodie, and trainers, and go for a jog. Not only will it keep you trim, but it’s also a good way to warm up. If you’re worried about your safety, try to form a group with some of your neighbours, just run circuits around your garden, or buy yourself a treadmill, and you can watch TV at the same time.


Although we may sometimes snack just for comfort, our food choices can often leave us feeling hungry. This may be because the foods lack certain, essential nutrient or they may contain additives that cause an imbalance between the hormones that regulate our appetite. Either way, this can lead to unwanted weight gain and the best way to avoid that this winter might be to forego some of those pizzas and hamburgers in favour of a healthy, tasty, and nutritious protein shake. Not only are these meal substitutes kinder on your waistline, but they will actually make you feel more energetic.


Company can help lift your spirits and a gym is a good place to socialise, while exercise is a great way to defeat the winter cold and prevent or eliminate unwanted weight gain. Just 20 minutes weekly at a Body20 studio could work wonders.