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Getting Ready for an Obstacle Race

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Some Tips on Getting Yourself Ready for an Obstacle Race

Whatever the details of your course and whether you are a fitness veteran or a newbie, following a few essential steps before embarking on your challenge will do much to improve the quality of your performance on the big day. In practice, there are a few essentials you will need to consider when getting your body ready for an obstacle race.

The first requirement is to treat each training session as if it were the actual event. Your body must be prepared for just about anything, so be sure to include plenty of pull-ups and hanging knee raises to ready it for rope climbs. Scaling walls by using your upper body rather than your legs is also a great way to prepare for the real thing.

Endurance will be as important as strength, so when getting ready for an obstacle race, balancing strength training with cardio workouts is crucial. Adopt a routine that combines high and low intensity exercises punctuated by rest periods. Rather abandon the weights and treadmill in favour of more relevant exercises, such as cone sprints, ladder drills, and box jumps. These will serve as more appropriate preparation for the real-life tasks you will face.

It’s a variety of abilities that will help you pass the post, whether as a winner or simply as a survivor. As well as strengthening you, the above exercises are designed to improve your agility and balance, both of which will be equally crucial when getting yourself ready for the many varied challenges you will confront and must overcome in an obstacle race.

Getting ready for an obstacle race requires wearing the right gear – tight fitting clothes that breathe and absorb sweat are essential, as are lightweight shoes with a good grip and gloves to protect against rope burns and splinters.