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November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017

Get Rid of the Extra Winter Weight with Body20

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Those cooler and, sometimes, sub-zero evenings and early mornings between the latter parts of June and September have always presented South Africans with an open invitation to be less active and to eat rather more than usual. Not surprisingly then, many of us will find ourselves greeting the onset of spring with a somewhat expanded waistline, and clothes in need of alteration or replacement. In short, if we are hoping to look good for summer, we will need to get rid of the extra winter weight. Fortunately, with Body20, there may still be time to do so before spring is over.

While that may be the goal, it is a safe bet that not everyone will have both the stamina and the discipline that will be required to start counting the calories and forsaking koeksisters for carrots, or to pump iron and perform sit-ups for hours on end. Even for those who may have what it takes to stick with the programme, there can be no guarantee that in the limited time before their first beach volleyball game, they will have managed to get rid of all the extra winter weight. By contrast, with a personalised Body20 programme, they could even exceed their expectations.

Our brand is that of a growing chain of franchised gyms that, through the use of advanced technology, is helping people to get fit, build muscle, tone up, or lose weight, without the inevitable blood, sweat, and tears inherent in conventional exercise programmes. Even more significant for those who are anxious to turn heads or simply to feel confident when stepping out on to the sands at Umhlanga Rocks or Ballito, is that it works fast. Because of its heightened efficiency, there should still be enough time to meet that cherished goal and get rid of the extra winter weight with a suitable Body20 programme, maybe with a week or two to spare, before taking that planned summer vacation.

Sure, it will definitely help to abandon fast food and sugary drinks in favour of salads and water, but it’s not for a lifetime. Furthermore, if you should have any concerns about your age, some injury or your fitness level, you can relax, as all will be taken into account when compiling a personalised programme that is compatible with your abilities.

Why is it quicker to get rid of the extra winter weight with Body20 than at a regular gym? Instead of hours of gruelling resistance training, the involuntary muscle contraction induced by pulsed electric currents are around 7 times more effective, so just one 20-minute session per week could be all you need.