Safe exercise for everyone of all ages with electro-muscular stimulation
Electro-Muscular Stimulation Offers Safe Exercise for Everyone of All Ages
October 26, 2017
Supplement advice is an important component of fitness training
Supplement Advice is an Important Component of Fitness Training
October 26, 2017

Get Fit and Save Your Time with Innovative EMS Training

Save your time with innovative EMS training

Save Your Time with EMS Training

Get Fit and Save Your Time with Innovative EMS Training

In recent years, there has been more than enough publicity regarding the dangers of heart disease, diabetes and stroke, and their proven link to the rising levels of obesity prevailing in South Africa and in First World countries worldwide. While this may have led to a greater awareness of such risks, it has, however, done little to reverse or even to slow the steady deterioration of fitness levels among the general public.

There is, of course, a core of fitness enthusiasts for whom daily visits to the gym and a few hours of punishing resistance training are simply a part of their daily routine. Needless to say, it is not these who are affected by expanding waistlines and breathlessness in the face of modest physical effort, but those who most need the exercise, yet can’t find the time. Today, however, a new form of fitness training known as EMS is becoming increasingly popular, and this innovative technology could save your time, your health, and perhaps even your life.

Financial pressures have seen a steady increase in the number of households now dependent upon two breadwinners. This, in turn, has led to a greater appreciation of leisure time, and convenience foods and home entertainment have made this possible. The downside, of course, is that our evenings are often as sedentary as our working days and, together with the TV dinners and takeaways, have served to decimate fitness levels.

Many of you will have learned just how many hours and how much effort it takes to lose weight or to build muscles with a conventional exercise programme. There is every chance that you were among the many thousands forced to abandon their gym membership through lack of either or both. In practice, you could have saved most of your time and a great deal of effort with a course of EMS training. Electro-muscular stimulation, to give it its full name, is a process that mimics the effect of exercise by inducing involuntary contractions of various muscle groups. For instance, instead of the voluntary contractions produced during a bicep curl, the same effect is produced by applying an electric current to the biceps via an electrode positioned on the skin above.

While this eliminates the need to lift weights, it does not explain the accelerated results when compared with conventional exercise. By applying a rapidly pulsed current, it is possible to subject the targeted muscle groups to up to 150 times more stimulation than when they are contracted voluntarily. In practical terms, this means that a single 20-minute session at a Body20 studio is able to produce the same physical results as 4 hours of pumping iron and press ups. Imagine being able to save so much of your time and see the results of EMS training in just a few weeks.

Whether you are an accomplished athlete or a couch potato, young or old, or hoping to lose weight, tone up, build muscle or reduce cellulite, a Body20 consultant will assess your fitness, and compile and supervise a personalised programme to meet your unique needs.