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January 31, 2018
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February 22, 2018

Get the Body You Have Always Wanted with Body20 EMS

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Get the Body You Have Always Wanted with Body20 EMS

Regardless of their age or position in life, most human beings are keen to present a favourable image to their peers. Over the centuries and between different cultures, the criteria on which one’s appearance was judged has shown a tendency to change. However, in most cases, a well-developed physique has almost always been one of them. Together with the desire for smart clothes, cosmetics where appropriate, and well-styled hair, many strive for a lifetime to get the body they have always wanted, a goal that just became a lot more attainable with the help of Body20’s EMS fitness programme.

We live in an age of unprecedented convenience, but it has become apparent that the easy life also has its downside. Commuting by car or public transport, rather than walking or cycling to work, along with a plethora of labour-saving devices and home entertainment on tap, have combined to create a dangerously sedentary lifestyle for many South Africans. Frequently augmented by convenience foods that offer bulk and flavour at the expense of essential nutrients, the cumulative effect of these factors has led to obesity on a scale previously unknown.

All may not be lost, however. It is still perfectly possible to get the body you have always wanted with a course of Body20’s EMS. Furthermore, you can achieve your dream in far less time and with considerably less physical effort than would be possible when relying on the resistance exercises that are the cornerstones of the conventional fitness programmes.

No, this is not some anabolic agent that miraculously develops muscles while you sleep, but a physiological effect known as electro-muscular stimulation discovered more than 250 years ago, which has been adapted to simulate the effect of physical exercise in targeted muscle groups. Simulating the voluntary nervous impulses needed for muscles to contract when lifting weights, electric impulses involuntarily target those same muscle groups to build the body you have always wanted, without the need for any physical resistance. Because a Body20 EMS workout produces 150 times more contractions than the same time spent on resistance training, a 20-minute session is the equivalent of 6 hours spent on conventional exercising.

Not only is almost anyone able to spare a mere 20 minutes per week out of their busy work schedules, but this type of training can also readily be adapted for use by people of any age or current level of fitness, which makes it the ideal choice for everyone from teens to pensioners. Used by professionals and amateurs alike, electro-muscular stimulation has multiple applications. This means that you can get the body you have always wanted with Body20 EMS. Whether this means slimmer, more-defined, free of unsightly cellulite deposits, rippling with oversized muscles, or just a whole lot stronger is up to you. Your personal trainer will perform an assessment and tailor a personalised programme based upon the results and your particular goals.

Prepare to be transformed. While many of those who set out to get the body they have always wanted with a Body20 programme will enjoy visible results in just a few weeks, some may take a little longer, although all who persevere can expect a marked improvement in far less time than when attending a conventional gym.