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Fitness in Every Day Life

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The Importance of Fitness in Our Everyday 21st-Century Lives 

It is common practice for critics to label modern living as sedentary and, unfortunately, for a growing number of individuals, this does seem to be a fair assessment. However, while enjoying the role of a couch potato from time to time may not be such a bad thing, allowing it to become a habit most certainly can be. As is true of any complex machine, if we fail to make full use of our bodies on a fairly regular basis, we ought not to be too surprised if it begins to function less efficiently.

Fitness is important to so many aspects of everyday life and involves not just ensuring that we get enough exercise, but also that we eat wisely. Too many people are willing to accept that dealing with the pressures of work and their domestic responsibilities occupies so much of their time that adopting these practices is simply impractical. In almost all cases, however, this is not strictly true. When it is sufficiently effective, exercise does not need to occupy a great deal of one’s spare time, and developing better eating habits need not do so either.

However you may earn your daily bread, maintaining an adequate level of fitness will make coping with everyday life and the tasks it holds a lot easier. The strength, stamina, improved respiration, and cardiovascular efficiency that results is, of course, every bit as important for those who like to enjoy a full social life.

An ailing economy has led to a growing need for many South Africans to economise. Some have been forced to take on extra part-time work and many have also had to cut back on former luxuries, such as swimming pool and garden services, and must now add these tasks to their many other domestic responsibilities. Such measures only serve to further emphasise the important role of personal fitness in coping with everyday life.

If your current lifestyle has left you out of shape, or you are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the physical demands of both the workplace and your home, there is a solution. Furthermore, it is an option that is independent of how old or how fit you may be currently. Perhaps most important of all, however, is that it should take no more of your time than a mere 20 minutes per week to follow a programme that promises life-changing results.

Utilising tried-and-tested technology, rather than conventional weights and resistance machines, a Body20 EMS programme promises all of the fitness you need in your everyday life to take on and overcome new challenges, and to stay ahead of the pack.