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October 26, 2017
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November 21, 2017

Fitness Enthusiasts, Be Your Own Boss – Open Your Own Gym

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There must be many fitness enthusiasts who have, at some time, wished to own an exercise studio of their own. In many cases, it might have been purely for personal use, to eliminate the need to leave their homes to get their exercise, and would have required them to convert an existing unused room or to build an extension. In a few instances, however, it is possible that he or she may have harboured a vision of turning a pleasurable pastime into a lucrative business.

The cost of renting or buying suitable premises and equipping them with all of the apparatus and other facilities might be more than enough to deter most. If one adds the payment of salaries and covering the general overheads of just keeping the place lit, comfortable and secure, whilst still waiting to break even, this would likely shatter the dreams of all except those for whom money is no object. On the other hand, if you are really keen to open your own gym, franchising offers a viable means with which to minimise both investment and risk.

Investing in a franchise opportunity is a bit like purchasing a business in a box. Rather than requiring the fledgling owner to identify, locate and acquire all of the equipment essential for its operation, to develop the various systems that are necessary to manage it, and then attempting to develop all of the operating skills and experience whilst on the job, the entire responsibility for the start-up process is borne by the franchisor. More importantly, every aspect of the new venture will have been optimised based upon the knowledge and experience of the franchisor to include only those ideas and methods that have proved to be both reliable and reproducible. In a nutshell, you won’t need to be a fitness or business expert to open your own gym – just enthusiastic and willing to learn.

The fitness market is not only a growing one; it is also an evolving one. Over the past decade or so, a new concept in fitness training has been sweeping across Europe and the US. Known as electro-muscular stimulation, or EMS, in place of conventional mechanical exercises to promote muscular contractions and growth, it employs pulsed electrical charges via electrodes attached to the skin above the muscle groups to be stimulated. Resulting in as much as 150 times more contractions than the same period of conventional exercise, it offers visible results in just a few sessions of 20 minutes per week. EMS training may be performed with or without weights, and is thus suited for all ages and fitness levels. In addition to toning and bulking, it is ideal for weight loss, cellulite reduction and rehabilitation following injury.

In South Africa, this technology has been embraced by Body20. In the wake of our huge success, we offer a unique opportunity to open your own gym based on the fastest growing fitness device in the world. In exchange for your investment, an EMS studio requires minimal staffing, has low overheads and high returns. Backed by expert training and supplied with qualified leads, a Body20 franchise is the intelligent way to secure a sound future in an expanding fitness industry.