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February 22, 2018
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February 22, 2018

Find Your Fit

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A Quicker and Easier Way to Find Your Fit 

This is not a reference to your shoe size or a particular career to which some form of aptitude test might reveal you may be best suited. In fact, it refers to an aspiration that far more people in South Africa and in other developed countries should be embracing than is actually the case. As the consequence of a growing dependence upon all manner of labour-saving technologies and a predilection for processed foods, today’s average citizen lacks much of the strength and general fitness typical of previous generations. Perhaps you have a need to find your fit.

In practice, fitness is a term that incorporates a broad spectrum of qualities, and one that definitely involves rather more than mere conformity with some accepted set of norms that society may choose to apply to a body’s shape and performance. For starters, it is as much a mental state as it is a physical one, and there is plenty of evidence to support the long-held belief that these two states are highly interdependent. By extension, maintaining the right attitude could prove to be a key factor, if it is your intention to do whatever may prove necessary in order to find your fit.

A relatively simple means with which to apply this new attitude might be to adopt a less sedentary lifestyle. This need not involve more than taking an early morning jog or perhaps cycling to the office rather than driving that automatic SUV with the power steering and parking assist. Should you decide to enrol in a course of training at a conventional gym, however, you may find that this requires you to maintain those positive thoughts for a great deal longer than you might have hoped. Nevertheless, you will need to stay the course if this is the option you choose to find your fit.

Another key factor in this admirable pursuit will be to change your eating habits. It is likely that, like many South Africans, you consume too much processed food. Not only do these foods often lack essential nutrients and contain substances to which you may display intolerance, but certain additives are also known to inhibit the hormones that regulate your appetite, causing you to consume more than you need and to pile on the kilos.  These means, of course, that if you are genuinely serious about doing whatever it may take to find your fit, a healthy diet is going to be just as important as performing sit-ups and abdominal crunches.

In fact, while this assertion may have been wholly appropriate in the past, a new kind of fitness technology is serving to replace the need to endure the stress and strain that is inherent in a conventional programme of resistance exercises. Known as EMS, the technique uses a series of pulsed charges applied through the skin above targeted muscle groups to achieve in a single 20-minute session the equivalent of 5-hour workouts with weights and other equipment.

So, if you are still keen to find your fit, it is now possible to do so in a fraction of the time required by normal exercise, by combining a personalised EMS programme with nutritional supplements available from any of our Body20 studios operating around South Africa.