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April 24, 2018
May 14, 2018

Find Your Goal and We Will Find Your Fit

EMS fitness training gives you back your time

Find Your Goal and We Will Find Your Fit

Apart from a near unanimous desire to win the national lottery, most South Africans have more modest personal dreams. However, when those dreams may focus on a fitter, more attractive body, greater strength, and more stamina, they can often seem as far beyond your reach as a winning lotto ticket. In fact, this need not be the case. With the aid of a remarkable tried-and-tested technology, your personal fitness ambitions can be realised. Just find your goal and we at Body20 will find your fit.

While some may wish for the well-muscled appearance typical of a weight lifter, others may simply wish to shed a few kilos and develop the leaner more defined musculature of a well-toned body. Still others may have their heart set on ridding themselves of the cellulite that keeps them from showing their thighs or their bellies when others are enjoying sun, sand, and sea in their bikinis.

One of the greatest strengths of a Body20 fitness programme is that it can be tailored to any individual’s capabilities, as well as to his or her specific needs. This perhaps better explains why we are confident in our promise that if you can find your goal, we will be able to find your best fit.

Maybe your ambition is simply to lose weight. Not only do we offer an exercise system that is so effective that 20 minutes is equivalent to several hours spent at a conventional gym, but we are also able to boost your efforts by offering quality nutritional supplements that are essential to maintaining your general health, as well as for muscle growth.

Under the guidance of a personal trainer, the EMS equipment may be used with or without resistance equipment, such as weights, and can be programmed to achieve weight loss and toning, bulking, cellulite reduction, and even to aid recovery from a sports injury. Just find your goal and we will find your fit.