Fitness training purposes and nature
The Purposes and the Nature of Fitness Training
October 26, 2017
Full body workout could save you time
A Full-Body Workout Could Save You Some Time
October 26, 2017

Experience Full Body Training Without the Blood, Sweat and Tears

Full body training without the blood sweat and tears

Full Body Training

Experience Full Body Training Without the Blood, Sweat and Tears

There can be few men and women who have not, at some time, wished that they had been blessed with the perfect body of an Adonis or a Venus. Many of those dreamers may even have taken the first steps towards realising their dream only to find that, to do so, requires the time, self-discipline, energy and determination to pursue a lengthy and rigorous program of full body training exercises. Sadly, of those who proceed to undertake this type of regimen, only a very few complete it and only a few exceptional individuals are likely to achieve the physical perfection they were seeking.

However, we are living in the 21st century and developing those washboard abdominals and blood, sweat and tears need no longer accompany well-defined pectorals, building strength, or simply ridding oneself of excess fat and cellulite. Just as technology has revolutionised the way in which we communicate and so many other aspects of our modern lifestyles, its impact is now being felt in the fitness industry. For those who have no desire to spend every spare moment pumping iron at their local gym, the technology known as Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) offers a means to provide full or targeted, partial body training with no need for the intense effort required to perform conventional, voluntary resistance exercises.

That an electrical current is able to stimulate muscle tissue and cause it to contract has been known since it was first observed by Luigi Galvani in the mid-18th century and forms the basis of modern EMS training. Repeated electrical impulses are delivered via electrodes placed on the skin above the targeted muscle groups. The effect is to mimic the impulses normally received from the central nervous system but produces involuntary rather than voluntary contractions. Because this technique produces up to 150 times more contractions than the same period of conventional exercise, a single EMS session can achieve as much as five sessions with the weights and just one 20-minute session a week could prove life-changing.

While providing a faster and less-strenuous approach to full body training, the use of EMS for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes also offers similar advantages. Targeted treatments can be used for cellulite reduction and, because no impact or strenuous movement is involved, it provides a means to assist the rehabilitation of damaged or atrophied muscles by simultaneously strengthening, stabilising and mobilising them.

At Body20 studios across South Africa, we have taken this revolutionary new technology and made it even more effective. By combining the deep muscle stimulation of EMS with a programme of dynamic movements our full body training addresses both strength and fitness requirements.