EMS machines can help you get fit
How EMS Machines Work and How They Can Help You
October 26, 2017
EMS training principles and applications
The Principle and Applications of EMS Training
October 26, 2017

EMS Training Raised the Bar for the Physical Fitness Industry

EMS training raises the bar for the physical fitness industry

EMS Training

EMS Training Raised the Bar for the Physical Fitness Industry

When checking out an average conventional gym, it is likely that you will encounter dozens of men and women of all ages engaged in all manner of activities. Some may be furiously pedalling a static bicycle, while others could be observed straining every muscle in their attempts to lift progressively heavier weights. Still others might be manning a rowing machines or a treadmill, or engaged in operating some elaborate piece of machinery designed to develop their abdominal, pectoral or gluteal muscles, among others, through their efforts to overcome mechanically applied resistance.

Whatever their choice, most of these devotees are likely to be red-faced and perspiring heavily, while many of them will be displaying visible signs of fatigue. Nevertheless, a few stalwarts will be happy to continue such activities for many months or even years, in order to achieve the results they are seeking. They, like a great many people, believe that the harder you work, the more you can achieve. However, when it comes to the pursuit of fitness, the emergence of a new exercise technology known as EMS training seems set to challenge that belief and to demonstrate that one can also achieve great things simply by working smarter.

So, what could possibly build big, powerful muscles, tone your body or shed those excess kilos as effectively as good, old-fashioned exercise? Naturally, in order to achieve any of these goals some exercise will be required. However, just because all physical exercise involves muscular contraction, it does not mean that such action must be voluntary and the result of excessive physical effort. These contractions occur naturally when the brain signals the muscles that you intend to move by a series of chemical reactions transmitted along motor nerves. The effect is to generate an electrical charge that temporarily modifies the chemical bonding between layers of muscle fibres, thus causing them to contract.

Electro-muscular stimulation or EMS training produces the same effect, but does so involuntarily. The required electrical charge is delivered from an external source via electrodes placed against the skin. Charging is repeated at short and variable intervals, creating a pulsed effect that results in rapidly repeated contraction and relaxation of the muscles that are being targeted. As a result, the subject will experience the equivalent of multiple reps using conventional apparatus, but in far less time. In practical terms, this means that the results of this involuntary muscular activity will also become evident in far less time. In fact, all of the evidence accumulated to date indicates a fivefold advantage. This, in turn, means that a 20-minute session of EMS training is able to provide the same benefits that would otherwise have required almost 2 gruelling hours of conventional exercising.

While the option of impressive results with minimum effort will certainly appeal to those who are less fit and concerned that they may not cope in a conventional gym, the prospect is equally attractive to accomplished bodybuilders and sportspeople in that the fivefold effect allows them extra time for other activities.

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