EMS training principles and applications
The Principle and Applications of EMS Training
October 26, 2017
EMS training corrects muscular imbalance
EMS Training Corrects Muscular Imbalance, and is Easy on Joints and Ligaments
October 26, 2017

EMS Fitness Training Caters for People of All Ages

EMS training caters for people of all ages

EMS Training Caters for All Ages

EMS Fitness Training Caters for People of All Ages

You are certainly not alone if you are of the opinion that the quest for fitness is best left to the young. It is, sadly, a view held by many of those who have passed beyond what they perceive to be their prime, and have entered their forties. This transition is commonly accompanied by an expectation that time will inevitably take its toll on the waistline and gradually lead to increasing physical limitations. Such beliefs, though widespread, have no foundation in reality, and in practice, it is the fear that the effort required to overcome declining fitness levels is simply beyond their capabilities that leads most to adopt this attitude.

Until the advent of EMS, other forms of training failed to cater for the fitness needs of people of all ages. Based largely upon challenging resistance exercises involving the use of weights and other specialised equipment, the effort involved is certainly beyond the abilities of some, and sufficiently daunting for others to choose to avoid the risk that they too would prove unable to cope. Among those who chose to bite the bullet and sign up at their local gym, the many hours required in exchange for what is essentially rather slow progress continues to deter many from persevering long enough to achieve their intended goals. The truth is that it does become harder to meet the physical challenges of conventional exercise as one gets older, particularly since our more sedentary modern lifestyle and convenient dietary choices do little to maintain the fitness levels typical of earlier generations.

Unlike bench presses and bicep curls, EMS training caters for all ages, as well as the limited levels of fitness that are the legacy of modern living in combination with the advancing years. EMS is an acronym for electro-muscular stimulation, and it offers a means for anyone to better define their existing muscle tissue, to lose weight, to build bulk and strength, and even to reduce cellulite, yet without the need to lift, push or pull anything. Whether you are in your forties, fifties, sixties or even older, there is a programme suitable for you; one with which you will be able to cope safely, and that is well within your current physical abilities

Does that sound too good to be true? How is it possible that EMS training can cater for all ages? Simply put, it achieves the same muscular contractions required for physical exercise with the application of pulsed electrical charges that provide 150 times the workout with no physical effort. One 20-minute, personalised session weekly at a Body20 studio could produce impressive visible results in just a few weeks, for everyone from teenagers to pensioners.