EMS training corrects muscular imbalance
EMS Training Corrects Muscular Imbalance, and is Easy on Joints and Ligaments
October 26, 2017
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October 26, 2017

EMS Fitness Training Can Give You Back Your Precious Time

EMS fitness training gives you back your time

EMS Training Gives You Back Your Time

EMS Fitness Training Can Give You Back Your Precious Time

If, like so many South Africans today, you have been faced with the need to lose a few kilos or improve your level of fitness, you have probably failed to achieve anything close to the improvements that you hoped for. Progress, if any, was probably quite limited, despite devoting far more time in this pursuit than you could really afford. It is a common enough scenario. In practice, those who choose conventional exercise as their route to weight loss, toning, increased fitness or even bodybuilding, will generally be faced with a long and hard haul in which the results are only attained through patience and perseverance. This, however, is not the only choice.

With the help of EMS training, the accelerated progress can actually give you back most of the time you would otherwise have needed to achieve just a fraction of the success that is possible when employing this innovative fitness technology. However, it is not just the many hundreds of hours that can be saved by this methodology that has been attracting so many new followers, both in South Africa and on the international scene. In practice, this form of exercise, which depends upon the use of pulsed electrical current to induce muscular activity, requires only a fraction of the effort necessary by those who rely, instead, on conventional resistance training with weights and machines.

EMS or electro-muscular stimulation is a form of fitness training that mimics, but enhances the effects of conventional exercise by creating involuntary muscular contractions equivalent to hundreds of individual lifts or presses. It is therefore not hard to see how this gives you back your time when you choose to abandon the dumbbells and abdominal crunches in favour of a futuristic workout suit with built-in electrodes. A pulsed charge is delivered via electrodes located above the muscle group to be developed, and your physiology simply does the rest by contracting and relaxing the targeted muscles on your behalf, just as they would in response to voluntary exercise. Depending upon the level of fitness of the individual participant, the electrical muscle stimulation may be carried out either with or without the simultaneous use of weights.

Clearly, the strength of EMS training lies in the fact that it produces results faster and with less effort, but just how much time could it give you back compared with conventional exercising? In practice, you should find that a single weekly workout of just 20 minutes at one of South Africa’s Body20 studios will produce visible results within a few weeks. Our individualised programmes are based upon your age, initial fitness level and desired goals.