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Regain Your Fitness with just 20 Minutes of Training per Week
November 22, 2017
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November 22, 2017

Could It Really be Possible to Get Fit Quickly?

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Almost everyone knows at least one person who might be described as a fitness fanatic. They are the ones glimpsed from your bedroom window as they jog around the boundaries of the gated townhouse complexes or the suburban streets, while the sun is still struggling to climb above the horizon. These are the guys who can’t join you for a braai or a drink at the local pub, because they need to spend a couple of hours pumping iron or performing assorted crunches at the local gym before jogging back home again, when they have completed their routine.

It is highly likely that most of us, due to the largely sedentary nature of our jobs, could also benefit from a little more exercise. But, even if we could find the time, who really wants to subject themselves to this kind of punishing treatment on a regular basis? However, if there was a quick way to get fit and preferably one that didn’t require too much effort, we would probably all jump at the opportunity. Imagine if you could shed those stubborn extra kilos and gain a leaner, fitter physique, or even bulk up generally and develop a more muscular appearance, yet spend less than an hour a week in training.

At one time, such thoughts might have been nothing more than wishful thinking or a pipedream. Over the last few decades, however, that dream has gradually become a reality. First used by sports doctors as a means with which to speed up the rehabilitation of injured athletes, and later as a routine part of their training, the technology known as EMS (Electro-Muscular Stimulation) has since been made available to the general public, and finally offers everyone, regardless of age, gender or current fitness level, a get-fit-quick option that actually works.

We’ve all been exposed, at some time or another, to the hype surrounding some revolutionary pieces of fitness apparatus advertised on TV. They are usually made in the USA and endorsed by some glamorous celebrity who clearly has been super-fit from birth. More often than not, they will promise amazing results in 21 days or your money back. Assuming the particular widget actually works, it’s still going to take a lot of blood, sweat, tears and time that you can ill afford to achieve the results you are hoping for. By contrast, EMS training combines the two important benefits of speedy results and minimal effort, and this makes it the perfect choice for busy people, and for those who are seriously unfit or who are recovering from an injury – in fact, for everyone who may have a desire to get fit as quickly as possible.

When you are lifting weights or performing abdominal crunches, your muscles will be working overtime, responding to the electrical charges delivered by the nervous system by contracting. However, the same contractions are produced without the load when providing the electrical charges from an external source – an EMS machine.

Body20 studios around South Africa employ EMS technology in the form of personalised programmes tailored to the needs of the individual. Given that EMS produces 150 times the number of contractions compared with the same time spent in conventional training, this really is a get-fit-quick solution.