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Technology in Fitness Training
March 12, 2018
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The Most Effective Way to Lose Fat and Keep It Off
March 12, 2018

Body20 and FDA Approved Fitness Technology

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Body20 Studios Only Offer FDA-Approved Fitness Technology 

It is not hard to understand why so many people come to the conclusion that all gyms are very much the same. Walk into any one at random, and you are certain to find the same rows of treadmills, exercise bikes, and other apparatus, differing perhaps in number and brand, but otherwise providing precisely the same activities. Some may offer the benefit of a plunge pool or a sauna, while others may have neither, but all will be populated by people of varying shapes, sizes, and ages, puffing, panting, and sweating profusely in their efforts to lose weight and become fitter. In complete contrast to these conventional gyms, Body20 studios offer an experience which instead relies upon the use of FDA-approved E-Fit™ fitness technology now available in South Africa.

This type of training makes use of a tried-and-tested physiological principle that offers a number of distinct advantages when compared with conventional exercise programmes. Of these, perhaps its scope is the one that is most remarkable, because it means gyms that employ it are in the unique position of being able to offer a service that provides for multiple needs and that is suitable for everyone. Young or old, fit or fat – because this FDA-approved electro-muscular stimulation technology is fully scalable, neither the age nor current fitness levels of candidates present an obstacle to the effectiveness of the personalised programmes provided at Body20 studios.

Known as EMS, this flexible training concept has been used professionally since the ‘60s, when Russian trainers first used it to increase the strength of its top athletes. Soon after, it was adopted by sports physicians as a technique to speed the recovery in athletes who had suffered injuries. Following refinements and improvements to the associated equipment by specialist companies such as Electro Fitness, this innovative fitness technology has now entered the public domain, and Body20 studios offer it in South Africa.

Because of the scalability mentioned earlier, our studios offer a wide range of possibilities. All programmes are personalised to meet the needs of those who wish to lose weight, rid themselves of their cellulite, or aim to develop a leaner and more toned appearance, as well as those whose goal it is to build big muscles and gain strength.

By now, it should be clear that the use of FDA-approved fitness technology means that a Body20 studio bears little resemblance to conventional gyms. However, everyone would agree that it is results that count, and in this respect, the technological approach wins hands down. If work or domestic responsibilities leave you strapped for time, there is often little opportunity for gym visits. However, a regimen that is able to achieve in just a single 20-minute session per week what might otherwise take you five full sessions with the weights elsewhere, has got to offer a more feasible means to pursue your particular fitness goal.

One-on-one supervision, goal-oriented programmes, approved nutritional supplements to sustain performance, and active progress assessments, as well as the use of world-class FDA-approved fitness technology, combine to make the innovative Body20 experience a safe, effective, and rewarding one for a rapidly growing number of fitter South Africans.