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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2018

Back to School, Back to Work, and Back into Shape

EMS training caters for people of all ages

Once again, Christmas has come and gone, and with the dawn of a new year, the holiday period is rapidly drawing to an end for many of South Africa’s student population and employees. While a few of them may have remained conscientious about counting their calories and fitting in some exercise, rather more of them are likely to have chosen to overlook the possible consequences and embrace the customary, annual food fest with unbridled enthusiasm. These consequences, however, will be all too evident when consulting the bathroom scale or trying to slip into that little black dress. Before heading back to school or back to work, they may need to find some effective means with which to get back into shape.


Although most people are pretty conscious of their physical appearance and the way others tend to see them, so many simply fail to take the steps needed to achieve their desired bodily image. In general, there are three main reasons for this. One is the reluctance to deviate from their preferred eating habits, while the fear that the exercises may prove too taxing and a distinct lack of time to pursue such extramural activities account for the other two. Fortunately, although modifying their eating habits will certainly help, for those headed back to work or back to school, there is a way to get back into shape that will not take up too much of their precious free time, and which should not present more of a physical challenge than they are able to handle.


While sit-ups and abdominal crunches can do a lot for the waistline, there is no doubt that these types of workouts tend to be sufficiently slow and strenuous to deter many from either starting or persevering with a conventional exercise programme. Seeing as time constraints tend to be the most common reasons for lapsed gym memberships, a rapid yet effective fitness programme is needed. To get back into shape before going back to work or school, and to do so with the minimum of time and effort, a course of EMS training is likely to be the only feasible solution.


The acronym stands for electro-muscular stimulation and, while only now gaining recognition among the general public, the application of this technology dates back to the ‘60s when it was employed by elite Russian athletes to increase their strength, resulting in claimed improvements of 40% and more. Later, it was used as a means with which to rehabilitate damaged or atrophied muscles following injuries. Today, following numerous advances, EMS offers those going back to school and back to work the perfect means with which to get themselves back into shape, while others may use it to get rid of cellulite, as a means to tone up their bodies, or to build powerful new muscles.


Its application in the field of physiotherapy should be enough to convince those who may have concerns about their current level of fitness that EMS is a technology that can work for anyone, regardless of age or athleticism. So, before you head back to work or school, talk to a Body20 expert about how to get back into shape quickly, without the blood, sweat, and tears.