High performance training for all ages and fitness levels
High-Performance Training for all Ages and Fitness Levels
October 26, 2017
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October 26, 2017

A New and More Effective Method of High-Performance Training

High performance training is new and more effective

High Performance Training

A New and More Effective Method of High-Performance Training

In the context of physical development, whether it is intended just to enhance his or her appearance, or to improve a person’s ability in a given sport, high-performance training generally implies a very intensive programme of exercises that has been designed to produce optimal results in the minimum of time. It is, in fact, a practice that is commonly adopted by bodybuilders whose extraordinary musculature is the result of pushing themselves repeatedly and constantly to the limits of their endurance. Clearly this is not a route for the faint of heart, but it is one that could prove damaging for someone who is not sufficiently fit

Even for those whose ambition may not be to become the next Mr Universe, but who merely want to look their best in a T-shirt and shorts, or to shed a little fat so as to reveal the lean muscle beneath, even a less rigorous fitness programme can still prove to be a challenge. It is therefore not surprising that so many of those who initially can’t wait to invest in a gym contract quickly lose their enthusiasm and forfeit their membership fee once they become aware that their hoped-for results will not be achieved overnight.

In practice, almost anyone who would like to develop a high-performance body would probably prefer that coping with the training involved was well within their existing capabilities yet, at the same time, able to produce the visible results that they are hoping for in far less time than appears to be possible with a conventional workout. While that may sound like a tall order or even an impossible one, in practice, a technology that offers users these precise benefits is already making headlines all around the world and has sparked a revolution in the world of fitness training.

Offered at all of the Body20 studios in South Africa, this innovative technology makes use of involuntary, rather than conscious muscular activity, which is produced in response to a programme of controlled electrical stimulation. A series of pulsed charges applied through electrodes on the skin provokes repeated contraction of the muscles beneath, precisely mimicking the natural stimulation process achieved through complex neurochemical reactions. The result is to simulate the effect of intensive conventional resistance exercise and therefore provide a form of high-performance training without the usual need for blood, sweat and tears.

Known as Electro-Muscular Stimulation or EMS, varying the intensity of the charges and the interval between them provides a means with which to personalise these exercise sessions to meet the needs and the abilities of each individual trainee. The same equipment may be used to provide differing results. Bodybuilders, for instance, can build their desired muscle bulk far more quickly. In conjunction with a heathy diet and essential nutritional supplements, EMS also offers its users an effective method to speed up their weight loss, and it is equally effective for cellulite reduction.

Used originally, and very successfully, as a treatment for sports injuries, a single, 20-minute EMS session is able to deliver five times the benefit of the same period spent on conventional resistance exercises. Why not let Body20 introduce you to this revolutionary new approach to high-performance training with a free demonstration?