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A Fast and Effective Fitness Training Programme Suitable for Everyone

Fitness training programmes suitable for everyone

Fitness Training

A Fast and Effective Fitness Training Programme Suitable for Everyone

It is an alarming fact that South Africans are rapidly joining the ranks of those in Europe and the US whose sedentary lifestyles and diets of fast food have led to them being far less fit than was the case with their predecessors in past generations. It is certainly true that labour-saving devices have reduced the need for physical activities in our homes, while PCs and other digital technology have seen many seated at desks who would once have been engaged in more active roles. A takeaway pizza and an evening in front of the telly now often substitutes for a freshly-cooked meal or healthy salad dish, followed by an evening stroll, especially given the increased risk of mugging in the nation’s suburbs.

Clearly many, if not most of us, are likely to benefit from a course of fitness training. That said, however, few will be able to find sufficient spare time to spend an hour or two at the local gym every morning or evening, while some will be quite certain that they are far too unfit even to risk giving an exercise programme a try. Whatever may have been preventing you from trying to regain some of that youthful vigour and verve in the past, there is now a means to do so in far less time than was previously the case and, believe it or not, without the need to push yourself to the point of exhaustion.

Naturally, this new and advanced approach does involve an exercise programme, but not the conventional sort that involves the use of weights and other apparatus to generate the resistance needed to stimulate muscle growth and burn off fat. Muscular contractions continue to play a pivotal role, but are produced artificially, rather than as the result of some voluntary activity. While normal muscular activity is the result of electrical impulses delivered via the related nerves, the same effect may be produced by applying an external source of current to the skin above a given muscle. This is the basis of a new kind of fitness training known as EMS or electro-muscular stimulation.

Since the original discovery by Luigi Galvani in 1761, that an electrical current applied to an isolated muscle caused it to contract, the principle has been steadily refined, and first found some practical applications in the 1960s and ‘70s when Russian and US sport scientists used it to strengthen athletes, and to aid recovery from sports-related injuries. Further refinements have served to position EMS in the public domain, where its uses have since been extended to include weight loss, toning, body building, cellulite reduction, and general fitness training. Each of these needs may be catered for specifically by selective tailoring of the EMS programme in which a given subject will be required to participate. In addition to meeting these needs, it will also take into account the subject’s age and any physical limitations he or she may display.

One major difference between EMS and conventional exercise programmes is that the former produces about 150 times more contractions within the same time period, thus significantly reducing the time needed for visible results. As local leaders in the EMS field, we offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy fast, yet highly effective fitness training.